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Stippling – Framework

We offer stippling and various framework services on polymer/plastic frames.

Please download the PDF file which is a basic diagram of a pistol frame. It is a great reference to the pricing listed and will help you visually when deciding on your options.

**Pistol Frame Diagram for Stippling – Framework Download – PDF

**Bring it in with your frame and we can go over it when you come in or send it along with your frame and we’ll contact you to verify your requested options.

The pricing listed below applies to the most commonly worked on pistol frames. Please contact us with any questions.

Stippling Base Price: $100

Ex: Small Dot (not as aggressive as others), Standard Dot (the most common requested and has a medium to high texture), Aggressive Dot (sizing is essentially the same as the Standard Dot yet has a more aggressive overall feel for a solid grip), etc.
The end result will still have a design to it (outline) but it won’t be defined, recessed, or look different than the stippling itself.
The stippling will just end at the edge of the design. 


Frame Reduction: $50 – $75

Ex: Removal of finger grooves, factory texturing, excess material creating a different shape, etc.
Removal of finger grooves can take a while depending on the frame. To have them completely removed and smoothed out before stippling will incur the higher price.
GEN 4-5 Glocks that take the optional back straps have the OEM defined line from the sides to the rear where the back strap would sit. To mold this smooth so there is no downward step in the stippling itself, this would also incur the higher price.
Different frames are all made of different plastic. Examples we have in the store may not be exactly what yours will fill like. 


Standard Outline: $50

Basic stippling will still end and create a design on the frame. The “Standard Outline” is recessed slightly at the end/edge of the stippling to create a clean look or more defined look.


Hard Outline: $75

The “Hard Outline” can either be a “channel” look outline or can be done deeper than the “Standard” allowing a deep recessed look which really brings out the overall design/pattern of the framework.


Single Trigger Guard Undercut: $40

Most commonly done to allow a higher grip and better overall feel.


Double Trigger Guard Undercut: $65

In addition to the added benefit of a higher grip, the double undercut allows the support hand to have an area for reference and/or finger placement.
*Add an additional $10 for stippling on the double undercut.


Molding Beavertail: $85

If your frame is capable of accepting a beavertail, molding the beavertail section to the rear of the frame can create a total different feel overall due to the longer length of the frame and more surface area for your hand to grab and for most, makes the pistol frame feel more comfortable/natural.


Laser Stippling: $150-$275

Pricing will vary depending on the design time, the design itself, the work to prep the frame for the laser, etc.
*We outsource this option so please inquire about any specifics through email.

Here are some examples of past framework that we’ve done.