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Insane Kydex Creations Kydex Holsters – MSRP $67-84 716-759-4486

Pistol holsters have been around for ages. As far back as guns go, you’re sure to find holsters close by. Before pistol holsters there were holsters for all other early generation weapons. Stones, spears, arrows, etc. We won’t get into all of that though.

The first generation pistol holsters, which are still popular today, are leather. Belt holsters which go as far back as the 1840’s which proves that leather is still a good option. But, today we’re showing you the most commonly used belt holsters today, Kydex. KYDEX was originally introduced to us by Rohm and Haas Company outside Philidelphia, PA in 1965. The material was designed for aircraft interiors but is now used for a multitude of applications. It can be virtually molded into any shape by applying heat. In 1987 KYDEC LLC purchased the KYDEX sheet line and it just continued to progress from there.

Now the term “Kydex” is generally used for any hard plastic firearm related holster. They are virtually maintenance free as it’s basically plastic. Easy to handle, clean, and can withstand abuse. It’s very similar to ABS plastic used in lots of car audio applications; trim pieces, dash kits, panels, etc. Kydex also comes in a variety of colors and designs making options virtually endless.

Here we have two awesome holsters from Insanse Kydex Creations out of Florida. The two you see before you are carbon fiber. The OWB (Out The Waistband) holster priced at $84 is a two tone holster with carbon fiber on the front and lime green on the rear. When worn, the green adds a little accent color that stands out and looks great. The belt hoops are secured very well and are made for your belt to go through it rather than it clipping over which makes sure the firearm can be drawn quickly without the chances of the holster coming up with it.

The IWB (Inside The Waistband) holster priced at $67 is just one piece of Kydex folded so there is only one color/design used. The heavy duty clip makes sure it fits over your belt and locks into place. There are also special pressure points when the Kydex is molded that helps lock the firearm into place so it doesn’t accidentally slip out.

Both holsters are high quality and are made with adjustment screws to either increase or reduce the amount of retention between your weapon and holster to fit your needs. They both have a high cylinder shape on top of the slide area for the various pistol sights. As seen in the photos, the factory night sight on the Glock 19 and the aftermarket TruGlo TFO sights on the XD fit perfectly in this groove. Some sights may not fit, like those that are made to look over suppressors as they are much higher and some are much wider so, make sure they know about it before placing your order.

My initial response to these when they arrived was pure excitement. I’ve seen and held a few Kydex holsters before and most of them are the same. It’s the little things that separate these from the rest. And, the little things in this case happen to be options.

Not only can Insane Kydex Creations customize your holster for different sights but they can make them for pistols with different lights. Then they offer more basic options like; left or right handed draw, different belt clips, open or closed bottom cut, cant/angle and more.

What really makes them “Insane” are the patterns they offer. With a plethora of different designs and color options, you can customize your holster exactly the way you want it. Camo, Kryptek, Carbon Fiber, Zebra, Flames, and even the Texas Flag. That’s right, sport your firearm while reppin Texas!

Oh, can’t forget they make holsters for your pistol magazines and for those who keep your pistol in a bag or your pocket and don’t necessarily need a full holster, they make simple trigger guards to keep it from accidentally firing. The trigger guard is similar to the VanGuard 2 minimalist IWB holster but their own version. It completely covers the trigger and has three attachment options. You can either have paracord or a 1.5” or 1.75” belt clip. This small yet effective piece is perfect for those who need something very small. The paracord can be tied to any part of your pants, shorts, bag or purse so when you draw your pistol, the paracord retains the trigger guard and your are ready to go. The small belt clips allow you to have the smallest holster option that still covers the trigger for safety.

So, if you’re looking for a great Kydex holster, look no further. Insane Kydex Creations has you covered. Check out their website or their Instagram for lots of photos of their work. Don’t forget to mention that Texas Finest sent you.

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