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Flash hiders, muzzle brakes, and compensators are a dime a dozen. They’re that cool looking thing on the end of your barrel, unless of course you’re stock. #stocksucks Prices for these range from $15 up to $400 and more. Why would you spend so much on something so small when there are so many that look the same and may even perform the same? For most of us it’s all about purpose and for some it’s about looks.

As the name states, a flash hider is meant to reduce the flash when the bullet leaves the barrel, the brake is ultimately meant to reduce muzzle climb, and a compensator is, in essence a mixture of the two. As with the other parts I have reviewed, I have went through numerous designs of muzzle brakes and compensators and so far, the AFAB Mini is the one I prefer over all the previous ones.

The AFAB performed great under numerous tests. As far as muzzle climb and harsh recoil impulse, I had none. This was during regular rapid fire and when utilizing a Slide Fire stock which simulates full auto. We have a video of the Slide Fire test with the AFAB compensator on our YouTube channel in which you can see how it performs. Watching the video you can see that the end of the barrel barely moved. Keep in mind when using a Slide Fire stock you are pulling the hand guard away from you as you’re firing which actually reduces overall control. Considering that and seeing that the barrel barely moved is very impressive.

As far as sound and concussion goes, many brakes perform very well and reduce muzzle climb but are very loud. The AFAB was not nearly as loud as some of the ones I have tested. In regards to flash, the AFAB performs great here also. Since it is not a dedicated flash hider, there can be some flash seen but I did not notice any that caught my attention.

So, why does this compensator work so well? The patent-pending AFAB technology uses a complex matrix of tiny passageways that slowly diffuse and cool combustion gases so you can stay on target during rapid fire while also reducing muzzle flash and most importantly to me, side concussion. Side concussion is very important to me in the situation that I am shooting in a team situation or in a stall which is known as CQB (Close Quarter Battle.) There are a number of options that produce such a harsh side concussion that it almost paralyzes those on the side of the shooter for a second or two. That can be detrimental in any defensive situation.

The closed bottom design reduces dust signature when shooting in the prone so you don’t have to worry about dirt flying everywhere and into your face…which some others cause. The AFAB is precision machined from heat treated stainless steel with an advanced Ionbond high temperature CrCN (Chrome Carbon Nitride) coating for extreme durability. It also has a pilot hold for permanent pinning to bring your 14.5” barrel to legal length.

For those looking for an all purpose compensator that works wonders for a very reasonable price point of about $110, look no further.

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