Product Reviews

We strive to find new and existing parts to test and evaluate to give an honest opinion from our perspective.

We love helping those companies we work with on a constant basis to help with exposure, endorsements, and any other marketing aspect if we can. With that being said, we love doing reviews on products and we are NOT biased by any means. We have done a lot of collaborations with multiple companies along with individual product reviews in the past. Those were mainly published in a print publication I used to do called Texas Finest Magazine. To view the publication’s website that is still up and running, visit

After the publication and the opening of Custom Defense Firearms I decided to try out some full video reviews. After a while that seemed to be a direction I did not want to continue so keep an eye out for a BLOG. *Due to the overwhelming time of doing full reviews on YouTube, our Partners and I have decided the BLOG is the best avenue to proceed with.  It will have the reviews fully written out (like the print publication) along with professional photos that I take myself and short video clips that will be linked from YouTube. Stay tuned for them!

To see some of our Video Reviews, visit our YouTube page at

Custom Defense Firearms YouTube Channel
You can click on the links below to see a few of the videos we’ve done in the past.

Here is our basic Video Page.


Below is a list of some of the written ones we have done in the past from oldest to newest.

To see more of the past reviews, you can hover over the “Product Review” option on the top menu and a dropdown menu will show up.

Precision Armament Mini AFAB Review

UNIQUE AR’s Oval Hand Guard, Noveske KX5, MFT BattleLink, & Hexmag Review

Fortis Shift Grips & Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Review




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