UNIQUE AR’s Oval Hand Guard, Noveske KX5, MFT BattleLink, & Hexmag Review


Fall AR 1-2

Unique AR’s – Ovals Hand Guard unique-ars.com – MSRP $250.00

Unique AR’s makes a variety of hand guards for the AR platform. They use a tubular hand guard and cut out the design creating a unique look, hence the name. With a variety of designs to choose from, it’s easy to customize your rifle to match other accessories or designs you may already have or plan to have. Razor wire, Hexagons, Hearts, and Tribal are just a few of the stock ones they offer. They come with their own barrel nut so the factory one will have to be removed. If you have not done this before, you can do it yourself with the correct tools but I always recommend you take it to a professional gunsmith for firearm work. They do have a video on their website for instructional purposes. The hand guard we have here is just about 12 inches in length, has an overall diameter of 2 inches, and an inner diameter of about 1.75 so it should be able to fit most suppressors. It also came with two picatinny rail sections that can be mounted at any of the pre-drilled locations. They offer different rail sizes to fit any need you may have so, rest assured, you can turn your smooth tubular hand guard into a complete quad rail if you want to. Aside from the various cool designs in stock, they also do custom one-off designs. How custom? How about having your name, logo, or design cut out of your hand guard. One-of-a-kind specifically made for you. Now that’s custom. Just send them your idea or logo and they can mock up a virtual image for you to look at, free of charge, before you decide to proceed. Give them a shout. Having your club logo, family name, or a pattern that matches your existing paint will bring your rifle to the next level. Make your AR unique!


Noveske Rifleworks LLC – KX5 Flash Supressor shopnoveske.com – 541-479-6117–MSRP $125.00

If you’re into assault rifles you know who Noveske is if not, well now you will. Not only does Noveske make an assortment of AR parts, but they also manufacture a full line of AR’s. I previously did a review on the KX3, the KX5’s predecessor. As with the KX3, the KX5 has the same purpose of directing all dust, concussion, and noise, forward. There are no holes on the top, sides, or bottom. This allows the shooter to fire next to someone else without worrying about side concussion. Why is this important? Shooting with a compensator or muzzle device that has many ports can be dangerous to those who are standing or shooting next to you due to the possible disorientation caused by the side concussion or even by the flame that comes out. Even in the prone position, there is very little to no dust signature. As stated in the previous review, if you are anywhere from 9 to 3 o’clock in front of a shooter with this flash suppressor on the end, you will feel the concussion, hear the loud sound, and wish you weren’t there. That is a main reason this device is used on many AR pistol builds, so it can be used close to other shooters… aside from looking cool as hell. So what makes the KX5 so different, or better than the KX3? Well, first off, it weighs four and a half ounces versus the KX3 which weighs seven ounces. That’s a huge weight savings on the end of your barrel. The weight reduction alone is great but it’s also slimmer. Instead of an overall diameter of 1.35 inches it is 1.2 inches which allows it to fit a wider assortment of rails than the KX3. It’s a tad shorter in length by .03 inches which isn’t a significant difference but doesn’t hurt either. After numerous rounds through the KX5, the more I shot it, the more I liked it. At first it didn’t seem like there was a difference between the two in regards to function but the more I utilized it, the more I felt a difference. To me, it seemed quieter and had less recoil than the KX3. My follow-up shots seemed to hit faster which is definitely a plus. So, for all those who love the KX3, it’s time to save your money and get yourself a KX5, if you can. Getting one of these bad boys right now is like finding gold in your backyard. Highly unlikely but something to dream about.


Mission First Tactical – BMSMIL BATTLELINK Minimalist Stock missionfirsttactical – 267-803-1517 – MSRP $59.99

Mission First Tactical (MFT) is another well known company in the firearm industry. They manufacture stocks, grips, mounts, rails, and other accessories for select rifle and carbines. With a mission to enhance accuracy, functionality, and operator effectiveness, they have come up with some great products. What we have here is the latest stock that has become very popular. Available in Mil-Spec or Commercial size, this stock is great for any lightweight build. Currently it is the lightest adjustable stock on the market just weighing in at right under six ounces. Talk about light! As we all know, ounces equals pounds and pounds equal pain. Just to give you a mental picture, the popular Magpul MOE Carbine Stock is a little over eight ounces. Two ounces may not seem like a lot but if you’re building a lightweight rifle, every ounce counts. A major factor in the weight reduction of this stock is the overall “L” shape and material used. The super tough polyamide used to make the stock is from DuPont’s Military Plastic Division making it lightweight, durable, and made in the USA. The stock is equipped with a non-slip rubberized butt-pad. The angled pad makes it easy to cup the stock into your shoulder for fast target acquisition. There is also a quick detach sling mounting point in the center bottom of the stock for easy access and ambidexterity. MFT offers it in four colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth (FDE), Foliage Green, Grey, and Scorched Dark Earth. Overall I am very happy with this stock. The feel, weight, and look make this one of the nicest stocks in it’s price range and it has found a permanent spot on a couple of my rifles. If you haven’t tried it yet, with a retail of only $59.99, it’s worth a shot. So do it!



Hexmag – HX30-AR 30 Round Polymer Magazine hexmag.com – MSRP $14.99

There are a lot of manufactures of magazines for the AR platform and they are mostly in the same price range. There are a slight differences in each magazine that I have dealt with and everyone has their preference but when there is a new product on the market, you have to give it a shot. Luckily enough we were able to get our hands on some Hex mags. The first thing that caught our attention, other than the awesome hexagon pattern on the sides which improves grip, is the option to change the color of your follower and latch plate. The latch plate is the piece that holds the base plate in place. Basically the top and bottom of the inside of the magazine. It comes standard with orange but they offer replacement pieces in a variety of colors: Panther, Nimbus, Zombie, Blackout, Hazard, and Lava. Why would you want to change the colors of the inside? Well, different colors in your magazines allows you to differentiate which magazine is which, if you happen to run different types of ammo in different mags. A different color for hollow-point, another for metal piercing, or just different grains. The different colors will allow you to quickly identify which magazine is which. Aside from that functionality factor, there is the cool factor of matching the magazine accent color to color(s) on the rifle itself. Things have to match you know. During testing we noticed that it was easier to remove ammunition from the magazine than others we’ve used. It was smoother to load and unload. The follower and the lips of the upper magazine itself have a different design than most and works very well. Right now, a very popular design on firearms is the “Kryptek Pattern/Camo.” The pattern is similar to stretched and deformed hexagons. This magazine goes great with the design. Whether you’re looking for a cool magazine or looking for one that functions very well with the same price range as others, grab a set of these bad boys and have some fun while changing up the overall look of your setup.

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