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I have owned my XD for years without thinking of getting new sights. After checking out a few friends’ handguns I noticed a wide variety of different sights. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and try some aftermarket ones.

Truglo sent me their patented BRITE SITE TFO sights which are definitely top notch. TFO is a combination of tritium and fiber optic sights. Fiber optic sights basically capture any available UV light and channel the light towards the end of the fiber. Tritium is a radioactive form of hydrogen that glows without the use of batteries.

The glow will naturally decay over time. Truglo states that a Tritium sight that is 12 years old may dim to approximately half the brightness as a brand new one but don’t worry, they offer a 12 year warranty on them.

When would you really use your handgun in complete darkness? Probably never. Only because you would want to positively identify your target, but they work great in all lighting conditions. Transitioning from light to dark is not an issue with these bad boys. They’re great for daytime, low light, or complete darkness.

The sights are made of CNC-machined steel, fit standard holsters, and are designed to be snag-resistant. They are available in all green or green and yellow. (Green Rear and Green Front or Green Rear and Yellow Front)

After spending a lot of time getting the factory XD sights off, I pressed the new TFO sights on and instantly noticed a difference in the overall look. I have the green-green setup and I love it. The front sight aligns perfectly in the rear when looking down the slide and makes it quick and easy to line up with your target. In broad daylight the optics look bright but not so much that they are overpowering or take away from your line of sight.

To truly test them out, a range day was in order. After a few hours of shooting at different distances and positions I can honestly say that my accuracy with the XD significantly improved. These bad boys have found a new permanent home.

These sights are one of the best upgrades I’ve done to the handgun and make me feel like a kid all over again. Not only am I more confident and accurate, I can shoot ninjas in complete darkness.

Aside from handgun sights, Truglo makes all types of optics and accessories for all types of firearms, archery, crossbows, and more. Truglo….is the way to go.

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