TRUGLO Multi Reticle Red/Green Dot Review

truglo sight websiteTruglo Red Dot Website


I have had my fair share of different optics on many different rifles. From red dots to ACOGs (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsights) to BUS’ (Back Up Sights.) I have tried many that fall everywhere on the financial spectrum.

Obviously, the saying is normally true that you get what you pay for ,but there are always exceptions to every rule. In this case we are talking about Truglo’s TRU BRITE red dot site that has multiple reticles (the dot or cross-hair), two color choices: red or green, and is rightfully priced at $80-120 depending on your choice of supplier.

I specifically asked Truglo for one of their optics for review because I have dealt with many others but have not tried theirs. The first thing I noticed about this optic is the weight. Compared to many other red dot optics that are similar in size this one seems to be the perfect weight for my purpose built lightweight rifle.

Having the option of four different reticles in two different colors gives you eight different sight options which is another plus. You can choose from a tiny dot, a mid size dot, a tiny dot with a medium circle around it, or a medium dot with a large circle around it. Why so many options? It’s all about your comfort and your purpose.

For me, I like the small dot with or without the circle. The smaller dot allows me to see more of what I’m targeting. Also, there is a difference in MOA (Minute Of Angle) between the small and large dots and circle. The smaller ones are 2.5 MOA and the larger ones are 5 MOA. What’s this really mean? A 1 MOA is 1/60th of a degree so 1 MOA spreads about 1” per 100 yards or 2” at 200 yards and so forth. So, when considering optics, technically the lower the MOA, the better your shot group can be, which in turn can produce better accuracy. Obviously, this all depends on the shooter but it helps to have a great optic.

The sight adjustments on this optic are easily made with the large, almost quarter size knob on the right side. It makes it very easy to change the brightness when in different lighting conditions. To change the reticle options there is a lever at the front (closest to you) that clicks left to right. As far as mounting, it comes with the standard Picatinny rail mount for your firearm or crossbow.

Another plus is that the reticle is pre-set at the factory to be aligned with the mounting base of the sight. So, as long as you mount it correctly and it sits flat on your rail you should only have to adjust it left or right. Only minor adjustments need to be made for elevation/distance. This was proven to be correct when I mounted it on my rifle as I only had to adjust it to the left rather than up or down and it was sighted in at 50 yards in regards to elevation. Some of the higher end optics $600 + have come this way and some have not.

For the the quality, the number of options, the overall feel, look, and lifetime limited warranty that this Truglo TRU*BRITE site has, there is no better option in this price range, that I have tested. If you haven’t given them a shot for your optic needs, do so now and you won’t be disappointed. If you are, I will give you a free year subscription with a copy of your receipt and return. Believe that.

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