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Firearm Customization in Killeen, TX

Custom Defense Firearms began with the idea of providing complete firearm customization in Killeen, TX. Having more than 15 years of experience in automotive painting and over 20 years in automotive customization, we developed the skills to transition into building custom firearms.

With a love for guns, the right to bear arms, and the Great State of Texas, we decided to venture into this field headfirst and have not stopped since. We have performed gun modifications of many different firearms, and we strive for diversity with our mission ending with a completely satisfied customer. Whether you’re a weekend shooter, a hunter, or a competitor, you can trust us to customize your gun to your liking. We are here to make your firearm completely customized!

Building a One-of-a-Kind Gun

Just because your gun came that way doesn’t mean it has to stay the same. Custom Defense Firearms has a passion for guns and gunsmithing. And this is TRUE customization. We do not follow an assembly line procedure at all.  Along the same lines, we believe quality over quantity is the best business model. Our customers want the best guns, and so do we. So, we treat each build as if it were our own. In the end, we are only satisfied when you are. Some of the customized services we provide include gun painting and firearm maintenance.

Accessorize Your Weapon

Most guns are built in a factory. Therefore, they don’t come with all the features you want. Fortunately, we provide gun part installation and feature a wide range of firearm accessories. Our goal is to enhance your firearm to make it your own. From scopes to recoil boosters to suppressors and laser sight parts, we install just about everything. We build and customize guns with your specific purpose in mind. By reviewing your photos and consulting with you, we build a purpose-driven weapon that caters to your needs and your exact specifications.

Contact us to get started if you want to customize your firearm. We provide gun customization for clients throughout Killeen, TX, and the surrounding areas.