Fortis Shift Grips & Smith and Wesson M&P Shield Review

Fortis & Shield Review


Fortis Manufacturing
Vertical & Short Angled – 253-245-5622

Fortis Manufacturing makes some of the best looking products for the AR15/M16 platform. Here we have their new SHIFT vertical and short angled grips. Both are made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, are Type III hard coat anodized to mil-spec, and are one piece billet designs. They attach to any tactical rail by a slotted screw attachment. Although Fortis specializes in the AR style weapon, these grips will fit on any firearm with the necessary rail. The vertical grip weighs only 3.4oz and the angled weighs only 2.1oz which makes them both very light. I’m not a fan of vertical or angled grips as I think the less I have on my rail, the better. But after installing these on a purpose built lightweight AR, I must say that I am very impressed. The grips fit great, felt very comfortable in my hand, looked bad ass, and most importantly, kept the AR lightweight. The AR had a plastic vertical fore-grip before replacing it with the SHIFT vertical and there was a significant difference in look but also in feel. The contours of the vertical grip fit perfectly in my hand, the aluminum feels a lot better than plastic, and if you’re like me, you want the least amount of plastic on your gun as possible. When testing the short angled grip I was surprised at how much I liked it. I like to hold the rail itself because it feels comfortable and allows me to control the rifle the easiest. Once I added the SHIFT angled grip I was surprised at how much I liked the added support. Needless to say, it found its new home on one of my personal ARs. If you’re searching for a new grip that looks great, is lightweight, and is not plastic, look no further. These SHIFT grips from Fortis Manufacturing are the way to go. The vertical grip retails for $79.95 and the short angled goes for $69.95. Definitely worth it.

Smith & Wesson
M & P SHIELD 9mm – 800-331-0852

If you are looking for a slim, concealable, lightweight, and cost effective pistol to carry,
this is the option for you. Available in 9mm and .40 cal, the M&P SHIELD features a slim design
that is perfect for concealment. The Shield features a high strength polymer frame, like most
modern pistols. Both calibers come standard with a 3.1 inch barrel giving it an overall
length of only 6.1 inches. When unloaded, the firearm weighs in at 19oz, and has a
6.5lb trigger pull which feels great compared to some of the other compact pistols
I’ve tested.

Another popular 9mm pistol is the Ruger LC9. It has an overall
length of 6 inches with a 3.12 inch barrel, weighs in at 17.6oz, and
has a 6.3lb trigger pull. With the standard, non-extended
magazine, both pistols hold 7+1. With the extended
magazines available for both, the Shield will hold 8+1 and the
Ruger 9+1. The Shield comes out the box with two magazines,
one standard and one extended.

After comparing the two, side by side, I prefer the Shield.
The extra weight produces less recoil than the LC9 allowing for
quicker follow-up shots, the trigger pull feels lighter as it requires less travel, and although the squared frame compared to the more
rounded frame of the LC9 makes the Shield seem a lot bigger, it’s not. Both are great pistols and I suggest you try one before making your final purchase, but I recommend the Shield if you’re looking for a small concealment firearm.

If you’re in Central Texas, stop by Quantico Tactical in Killeen. Their knowledgeable staff will certainly get the firearm that best suits you in your hands at a great price. They even offer Military and Law Enforcement discounts.

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