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Custom Gun Painting in Killeen, TX

Are you interested in improving the look of your firearm? Maybe you are interested in adding some of your own unique style to your piece? No matter your situation, Custom Defense Firearms is ready to assist you with custom gun painting in Killeen, TX.

We use a lengthy process when it comes to our custom firearm paint and coating services to ensure the best quality product is delivered back to you. If you have not already done research on Cerakote Firearm Finishes, please do so to learn more about the quality you can expect from us. Additionally, here is a direct link to Cerakote’s Website.

Furthermore, our custom firearm coating specialists also use KG Gun Kote. Here is a direct link to KG Gun Kote’s Website to see all of the options they offer as well as any information concerning their paint and other products.

What to Expect from Your Painted Firearm

Keep in mind that all of the different pieces that are painted or coated using Cerakote or KG Gun Kote must be baked in the oven to set. This, in turn, means rubber cannot be done unless we use their air cure versions in the color(s) you want.

First and foremost, it is important for you to understand that these coatings are not the “magic” finish that will protect your firearm from anything. Even though these coatings are capable of withstanding almost any chemical, they can still be scratched. Scratches should not happen with little pressure, but if you were to drop your firearm on rocks, hit the side of your brick house with your rifle, or have a tight-fitting Kydex holster for your pistol, there will be some wear.

In order for your custom gun painting finishes to achieve the best adhesion, sandblasting the gun or firearm pieces is highly recommended. This also allows the paint to not interfere with the different tolerances of the weapon when you go to use it.

Some of the finishes can be applied to a gun or firearm without the original finish being completely removed. Furthermore, some of the factory finishes on the market today are actually very strong and thick. Prepping these surfaces enough for the custom firearm coating to adhere is another option, which can add to the ruggedness of the coating. It also means that, in case of a scratch or something occurs, black will show through rather than silver.

Pricing for Our Custom Firearm Painting

Pricing will vary so call us with any questions you may have. The basic pricing for our services is as follows:

Pistol Slide

  • Single Color – $50
  • 2 Color w/ Camo or Similar Pattern – $95-150

*Removing sights from the slide has an additional charge depending on the firearm and sights.

Pistol Frame

  • Single Color – $55
  • 2 Color w/ Camo or Similar Pattern – $100-175

*Disassembly of the frame has an additional charge depending on the firearm.

Whole Pistol

  • Single Color – $100
  • 2 Color w/ Camo or Similar Pattern – $200-350

*Removing sights and disassembly has an additional charge depending on the firearm and sights.

Rifle Upper/Lower (AR) (Single Color)

  • (Separate) $55 / (Combined) $100
  • Furniture (Butt Stock, Grip, Hand Guard) – $105
  • Lower & Upper Parts Accessories (disassembled) – $85
  • Barrel & Comp – $45

*Disassembly of the furniture, accessories, barrel, comp, etc has an additional charge depending on the rifle.

Rifle Upper/Lower (AR) (2/3 Color w/ Camo or Similar Pattern)

  • Combined – $150+
  • Furniture  – $150+


Combo Package

Basic Rifle Single Color (Upper/Lower/Hand Guard/Stock/Grip) – $185-$225

Full Rifle Single Color (Upper/Lower/Hand Guard/Stock/Grip/Barrel/Buffer Tube) – $325-$350

Full Rifle 2/3 Color Camo or Similar Pattern – $350+

*Disassembly not included in Combo Package Pricing

Contact us to learn more about the different colors available for your firearm. Our gallery shows just how impressive our custom gun painting in Killeen, Texas, can be.