If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel where we will start doing video reviews on numerous products already donated by various companies in the industry. We’ve been doing reviews for years now but only in print, this year we’re focusing on the channel.

Here’s our first video comparing the KynTECH KynSHOT Hydraulic Buffer in a SBR showing the comparison between a standard carbine buffer and the hydraulic buffer.


Here’s a video we did a while back showing off the Precision Armament AFAB Hybrid Muzzle Device (which I highly recommend on the majority of my builds) and how effective it is. As you can see, we’re using the SlideFire Stock which you have to pull away on the hand guard in order for it to work so you don’t necessarily have the best control of the firearm. Even with the limited control/hold you can see it is very effective at reducing muzzle rise, side concussion, dust signature, and flash. I try to always keep at least one of these Brakes stocked in the store.

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