Cerakote – KG GunKote Worn Look

Cerakote Firearm Finishes in Killeen, TX

There are THREE main types of “Worn Look” paint jobs we offer.

1. The “Standard” otherwise known as “Battle Worn” is one of the most popular ones used/performed which I believe was started by Blown Deadline – a fellow painter.

  • This usually consists of two main colors with one being the dominant color and the other “usually” being black.
  • There is no specific wear pattern, specific parts, areas, pieces, etc. that are worn during the “Standard” worn look.
  • This pattern will NOT always look the same between pistols, rifles, cups, etc. EVEN when applied at the same time as it is more random.

2. The “Grid-Line” worn look is something we came up with in-house. This is also a very popular option for you to choose from. The main objective with this option is to make the underlying color look like the original color and the top color was spraying to cover it and eventually wore down to the “original” color you have chosen.

  • This option usually consists of two colors as well. The dominant color can be whatever color you choose as well as the non-dominant. The possibilities are endless.
  • With this option, you can choose the dominant and non-dominant color to make any custom color look.
  • When doing our work on the paint, we wear the areas down that would naturally wear down for instance; the shell deflector, any sharp areas, any high points, any high impact or consistently contacted area.
  • If you look closely at some of the photos you can see the high points or areas or easier contact with rough services are worn through giving the perception that the pistol, rifle, etc. was originally the underlying color instead of just silver. Unless of course, you want the underlying color to be silver.


3. The “Directional” worn look is similar to the two above except the wear marks themselves all go in the same direction, hence the name. This has been becoming more and more popular later, especially for those who like for things to be more straight or have a little bit of OCD in them 🙂

  • Normally this worn look will have the scratches/worn pattern going horizontal across the pieces being worn so they all match.
  • It can be done to where there is a more dominant color, almost an equal between the two colors, or to where the second or non-dominant color is very minimal.
  • This can create a number of different looks using the same wear pattern with many different colors as the photos will show.