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YouTube Channel Video Reviews

As some of you know, I have been doing reviews for firearm companies for the past three years now in my publication “Texas Finest Magazine” which is primarily a Texas based all-around automotive magazine but I do not plan on continuing the publication. For this reason I have decided to do firearm product reviews on YouTube.

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I have just started this so there are only two videos on there but I have sponsors for almost two full AR builds one of which will be done in the next month and the next one to follow shortly after. The first build will utilize ATX Armory’s new Billet Receiver Set they just came out with (which is not available to the public yet) and products from Vortex, SilencerCo, Bobro, Rainier Arms, Elftamnn Tactical, WMD Guns, and more. Stay tuned for the video series on the entire rifle and shorter videos on some of the products individually on different platforms aside from the build itself.