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Custom One-Off Paint Jobs, One-Off Builds, Blue Label Dealer, Gunsmithing & More! 

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Come in and grab yourself a one-of-a kind build or grab the parts you need to complete your project!

What We Do

Custom Defense Firearms LLC is your one-stop shop for custom firearms in Killeen, TX. We are an 07 FFL Class 3 Manufacturer.

  • Custom Firearm Coating
    • Cerakote Certified
    • KG GunKote
  • One-Of-A-Kind Builds (AR Platform, Shotguns, etc.)
  • The Newest Accessories Available From 30 + Manufactures
  • Various Parts to Build or Enhance Your Current Firearm
  • Basic Gunsmithing (Disassembly, Reassembly, Repairs, etc.)
  • Firearm Maintenance (Cleaning, Restoring, etc.)
  • Firearm Sales with Pre-Order Cash/Debit Discounts
  • Standard Firearm Transfer Sales (Estimate $20 – $25)
  • Transfers, Sales and Manufacturing of Class 3 Items

Our Mission

Custom Defense Firearms was started with the concept of complete customization of all firearms.

Our passion for custom work started over 20 years ago in the automotive customization market including painting and one off builds. Slowly, the passion for firearms conquered the love for automobiles and gave birth to a whole new concept for customizing firearms in a way that would fit the individual needs and wants of each customer.

We strive for diversity and superior quality to provide our customers with the greatest work possible while continuing to push the envelope with innovative ideas for the firearm industry.

Whether you’re a weekend enthusiast, hunter, or competitive shooter, let us customize, build, repair, or handle the cleaning of your firearm(s).

Our goal is to take care of all your needs, whether its custom or not, with the highest standards and quality.

Paint - Coating Services

At Custom Defense Firearms we use Cerakote Firearm Finishes and some KG GunKote.

We are Cerakote Certified! We also have many years of experience with automotive paint.

We primarily use Cerakote but both companies have great products. If you have not done any research on them, click on the links below for some great info on their products and testing.

Our coating services are not limited to just firearms as we can do anything but rubber.

That’s right, we can do automotive parts, miscellaneous decorations, cups, and even wood. With Cerakote Finishes, the possibilities are endless.

Click on the “Coating” Menu Option for more details and pricing.

Gunsmith & Maintenance

All of our one-of-a-kind builds are from scratch. We only use quality parts from brand name companies that not only validate the quality of the firearm but also provide warranties on the parts, aside from our own personal warranty on the builds.

Rest assured, we do not build “assembly line” firearms to save on cost, as we believe quality over quantity is the best business model. We treat each build as if it were our own and are only satisfied when you are completely satisfied.

We build with a specific purpose in mind for each firearm. Through our photos you will see many different types of builds but in the end, our rifles are purpose driven – purpose built.

Our Most Recent Projects

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